In a time where financial trouble even for the biggest companies is common news many sit down to decide what to do so they and their business stay healthy in such harsh times.

More often than not the item(s) on the agenda will (among others) be;

  • Where can we cut costs – what development don’t we need – or at least can live without until better and more profitable times.
  • We need more business and more customers to stay ahead.

And it’s perfectly natural to ask these questions. But the answers may turn out to be all wrong. You got to consider a couple of good questions instead (or maybe as well);

  • How do we free important human resources from labor intensive tasks that they should not spend time doing?
  • What’s the most likely scenario: Get our current customers to buy more or get new customers instead?

The answers may lie in some investments and some clever thinking. And yes – in Manzana we do CRM for a living so naturally we have an agenda here too.

Consider the human resources you already have – if they spend time shuffling paper and looking for facts to support their job function – maybe you should invest a little in giving them better tools that does these tasks for them – freeing up valuable time to deal with customers and building customer relations.

Then consider if you need to attract new customers or focus on the customers you already have – either way there’s a key element in succeeding in both areas – and the magic word is Customer Relations Management. For your existing customers you need to make sure that the customer considers you a good and caring business partner that supply what the customer wants, when they want it. For the new customers you may want to attract it’s really the same thing, delivering quality and service to a new business relation.

Obviously CRM and Siebel is not the magic word alone that just makes your business a success, but it can be an important cornerstone in making sure you focus on the important stuff driving your business.

Thanks for your time!
Henrik Ohm Eriksen, CEO

If you are considering a CRM or Siebel solution or just want to ask a question, then send us an email and we will get back to you asap. If you would like to inquire on hiring Manzana Services please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email or phone.

And also, we highly recommend you visit the Siebel Inc. homepage at www.siebel.com

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