How to Proceed ?

Often Customers ask themselves how to proceed developing a Siebel installation after the initial phase rollout. Many have had serious difficulties with this process, and they have problems with the user acceptance levels. So how do you proceed???

It is indeed an important question to ask when you are looking forward – as a company you may want different things from what your employees want. I don’t claim there’s a simple blue-print solution available, but there are good rules of thumb to follow. And even though some of these may not be the holy grail of many of the implementators – they should be for any company using Siebel.

  • Siebel is both a management and an employee tool. Make sure that you balance the development so both users and management get functionality that they need, make sure that there’s new functionality that will make everyday tasks easier and faster to perform. Besides higher user acceptance you get the added benefit of freeing resources for other more important tasks – like selling or keeping contact and building relations with your customers.
  • Don’t upgrade just because there’s a new Siebel version out there. There are many good reasons to upgrade, they may include new needed functionality, or lack of support on the old version or other factors. But if the current version is doing what it should and you don’t need the new features – why upgrade, the money may well be better spent developing the current application that you already have invested in. I’m not saying No to Upgrades, but I’m urging caution on the issue.
  • Review the installation – and bring your employees into the review as well. Ask yourself what’s working and what’s not. If your employees are not part of the solution, they will not as readily accept the best practices that you as a company choose to embed in your Siebel application.
  • Make sure that you don’t take too big steps in your development goals, its better to take two smaller steps more often, than taking a giant leap very rarely.

In Manzana we live on our customers’ success, and our ability to scope, develop, implement and rollout solutions that cover the above points and more. And the results speak for themselves. Our customers are satisfied, their employees are satisfied, and resources have been freed for more important tasks. Look at the Customer Success to see some quotes from customer installations that Manzana have built.

Further we pride ourselves in not just being an implementator of Siebel, we also use Siebel actively in Manzana. So our experience also comes from our own daily use of Siebel.

Thanks for your time!
Henrik Ohm Eriksen, CEO

If you are considering a CRM or Siebel solution or just want to ask a question, then send us an email and we will get back to you asap. If you would like to inquire on hiring Manzana Services please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email or phone.

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