Siebel Error Codes

Siebel use two kinds of error codes the XXX-XXX-nnnnn (eg. SBL-DAT-00402) type, and the internal ones in the e object thrown in code. I Can’t find a list of these internal error codes, and the SBL-XYZ-123435 codes, are not readily available in code unless you string parse, ofcourse… So I need the mapping to the error objects errCode.

I need to remember these things so for my own reference I added this post, I will update it as more errorcodes are determined by me.

SBL-DAT-00225, e.errCode = 27546 (Value does not exist in bounded picklist) – thanks Tuba !

SBL-DAT-00381, e.errCode = 27714 (Duplicate Record Exists, User Key Violation)

SBL-DAT-00382, e.errCode = 27715 (Duplicate Record Exists, Unique Index Violation)

SBL-DAT-00402, e.errCode = 27735 (This operation is not available for read only field)

SBL-DAT-00523, e.errCode = 27864 (The selected record has been modified by another user since it was retrieved), Race Condition on BC.WriteRecord()

SBL-???-?????, e.errCode = 28378 (Raise Error text), the raised text is in e.errText

SBL-EXL-00147, e.errCode = 27515 (BC.SetFieldValue() targets a field which is not active)

SBL-EXL-00119, e.errCode = 28461 (BC.GetFieldValue()), the Field is not activated, do not exist in BC

SBL-EXL-00109, e.errCode = 28511 (PropertySet Data is Binary), On PropertySet.GetProperty()

If you have more information, leave a comment!

/Henrik Ohm Eriksen

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