Doing a Complete install of Siebel on Oracle 11 r2, Win 2008R2. All from Scratch


This is going to be a looong series of posts. I needed to install a new development environment, and I wanted to test the new Siebel SIA with all the verticals available.

Installing Siebel is no small task, and this guide is not meant to be a full replacement for reading up on the procedure on supportweb (My Oracle Support) MOS, including installation guide in bookshelf, release notes, post installation information, bugs and what-have-you-not, I’ll do my best to link to the different documents that may be relevant along the way.

The Installation will Guide you through:

It will not:

  • Teach you to install windows 2008R2

I’ll assume the following, that you in advance prepare and install two Windows 2008R2 servers in a domain. I use Hyper-V services, its fast and effortless to get started on the deployment for a new development environment.

Lets Get Started, We will do the Oracle database first!

Read About the Installation of the Oracle Database here: Installing Oracle 11r2 on Windows 2008R2 Server Part 1

I´ll finish the writeup for all the bits and pieces over the next few weeks, and publish them as i get the time. Let me know if you have any comments!



2 thoughts on “Doing a Complete install of Siebel on Oracle 11 r2, Win 2008R2. All from Scratch”

  1. Rashmi:

    Very good post. Can you please let me know the later posts for "Install and Configure the Siebel Database Server" .


    1. Hi Rashmi,

      I just put the NeXT installment in the series up for reads.



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