Installing Oracle 11r2 on Windows 2008R2 Server Part 1


Welcome to Installing Oracle 11r2 on Windows 2008R2 Server Part 1 of the series

Doing a Complete install of Siebel on Oracle 11 r2, Win 2008R2. All from Scratch

In this part we will install an oracle database server. This server will house a development database, and a test database. Production servers should generally not be deployed on the same database as development, but the installation of the test server demonstrates that it is possible, this walkthrough will focus only on the development database installation.

Before we begin prepare the Oracle Server by doing the following steps:

  • install win 2008r2 operating system
  • join domain
  • update operating system with latest patches
  • install your favorite tools (mine are notepad++, procmon from sysinternals and winrar)

To Install an Oracle database we will go through the following steps

  1. Install the Oracle Database Software
  2. Configure the Oracle Database
  3. Configure the Listener
  4. Verify & Configure Windows Services
  5. Configure Windows Firewall
  6. Do Connectivity Tests

I’m still doing the writeup of the actual installation, for now, if you do the installation – run an install software only with no starter database.

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