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Welcome to the New Home of Manzana on the web

Today we completed the upgrade of the software that drives Manzana's webpages, at the same time we migrated the database.

While we had the editors open we changed the design of the webpage towards a more one-page design, we hope you like it.

We know there are corners that still needs dusting, cleaning up, and updating - we will get around to this one of the coming Christmas days :-)


Meanwhile enjoy our new webpage, and we wish you a Merry Christmas from Manzana



Siebel Error Codes

Siebel use two kinds of error codes the XXX-XXX-nnnnn (eg. SBL-DAT-00402) type, and the internal ones in the e object thrown in code. I Can't find a list of these internal error codes, and the SBL-XYZ-123435 codes, are not readily available in code unless you string parse, ofcourse... So I need the mapping to the error objects errCode.

I need to remember these things so for my own reference I added this post, I will update it as more errorcodes are determined by me.


SBL-DAT-00225, e.errCode = 27546 (Value does not exist in bounded picklist) - thanks Tuba !

SBL-DAT-00381, e.errCode = 27714 (Duplicate Record Exists, User Key Violation)

SBL-DAT-00382, e.errCode = 27715 (Duplicate Record Exists, Unique Index Violation)

SBL-DAT-00402, e.errCode = 27735 (This operation is not available for read only field)

SBL-DAT-00523, e.errCode = 27864 (The selected record has been modified by another user since it was retrieved), Race Condition on BC.WriteRecord()

SBL-???-?????, e.errCode = 28378 (Raise Error text), the raised text is in e.errText

SBL-EXL-00147, e.errCode = 27515 (BC.SetFieldValue() targets a field which is not active)

SBL-EXL-00119, e.errCode = 28461 (BC.GetFieldValue()), the Field is not activated, do not exist in BC

SBL-EXL-00109, e.errCode = 28511 (PropertySet Data is Binary), On PropertySet.GetProperty()


If you have more information, leave a comment!


/Henrik Ohm Eriksen