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Installing Siebel on Windows 2008R2 Server Part 2



Welcome to Installing Siebel on Windows 2008R2 Server Part 2 of the series

"Doing a Complete install of Siebel on Oracle 11 r2, Win 2008R2. All from Scratch"

In this part we will configure prerequisite software to support the siebel installation. We will install more software as we go along, where appropriate. But there is a lot of prerequisite software to install.

Siebel 8 is still a 32 bit application, running on a x64 os+machine, that means 32 bit versions of all basic software needs to be installed. Oh Oracle/Siebel get that fixed! Give us a native x64 build - thanks! (note to self and others - write to supportweb and ask for this!).

To Install a Siebel Development Server we will go through the following steps

  1. Install the Prerequsite Software (this step)
  2. Install and Configure the Siebel Enterprise Server
  3. Install and Configure the Siebel Database Server
  4. Install and Configure the Siebel Server
  5. Install and Configure the Siebel Web Server
  6. Patching and Postinstallation Tasks
  7. Installing Siebel Charts
  8. Enabling OpenUI


Here's the initial list of things you will install and configure in this part:

  • install jre x64
  • install jre x32
  • install oracle client x64 version
  • install oracle client x32 version
  • Install and configure Microsoft Office 2007 x32 version
  • Create the Siebel File Share

Notice that I Install the x32 versions last, to keep my path env. variable in order like this:


Running Siebel Tools 8.x And IE 11 And Win7 x64!



I use Win 7 x64 as my development platform, i Develop on Siebel, I use IE 11. I'm heading for trouble thats for sure! Cool


Allthough not perfect / not fully tested yet: this is a nice teaser:

It's not all simple sailing. One of the big hidden things is that Siebel Tools do not like you start the dedicated client with a /b pointing to the x32 IE 11. I don't know why... Annoying! It just fails!

Then when you set nothing:

Siebel Web Session
Cannot determine default web browser for current user.
Please set up your web browser properly or use the /B command line argument to specify one.
This annoying thing is what greets you the first many times, until you try the /b - which then does not work.

you then think ah! and surf and surf the web for somebody who's been in your position - but there's not much to be found.


Here are the simple step needed to fix the issue:

Open Regedit:


Navigate to


if there is no http key (folder) create it

in the http key create a UserChoice key (folder)

in the UserChoice key create a String Progid with a value of IE.HTTP

Like This:


Now the F5 Run will work!!! Yeah!

Note to self and others: the IE.HTTP actually points to the registry entry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\IE.HTTP

Which in turn points to the x64 version of IE, but a x32 IE is started by Tools.... Go Figure...