Like everybody else the internet is an important resource for us all in our daily work, and also in our spare time. Below we have collected a number of resource links that you may want to visit.

We have also included a couple of free utilties for your perusal – download these below.

If you want to search and find something on the internet, google is what you need.
If you want to discuss anything Siebel with 1800+ Siebel users and Siebel professionals from all over the world this is where you go first. They’re a friendly bunch and they will help you with any question no matter what – as long as It’s Siebel related. You will find lots of contributions from Manzana there!
TestSiebel (c) & (p) Manzana Aps
TestSiebel v1.1.03
Will Connect to Siebel Data & App Server (only tested with Siebel 6.x)
KillOldFiles (c) & (p) Manzana Aps
KillOldFiles v1.00.02
Will Kill Files Based on Age & FileSpec (Free for Non-Commercial Use)
CreateEnvFile (c) & (p) Manzana Aps
CreateEnvFile v1.01.01
Will Create a BAT File with a Environment variable with the time picture specified. (Free for Non-Commercial Use)